Monday, July 15, 2013

Worrying and Trio Blocks

Look how peaceful and sweet my Porter looks napping on the floor.  He was so tired yesterday he laid next to me to watch a movie and before I knew it he was out.  He also looks so grown up to me in this picture.
 I feel quite mentally exhausted myself.  I am a worrier and as much as I try not to worry and let myself get anxious about things it happens anyway.  Stephen doesn't worry nearly so much.  Maybe because he knows I worry enough for the both of us.  Maybe he has more faith than I do.  I feel like life comes at us with big decisions that will affect so much and I want to do what is right for our family.  I pray and hope and try my best to be faithful.  In the end, I know things will work out, but getting to that working out point is sometimes trying for me.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the boys enjoying their Trio Blocks.  Oh, and here is a funny little story about Tanner.  The music leader on Sunday was doing a game with the kids where they would take two turns bowling and see how many pins they could knock over.  If say, they knocked over 8 pins we would turn a card that had 8 written on it over and sing the song written on the back of the card.  She was having them subtract from 10.  If we started with 10 pins and there are 2 left how many did they knock over.  Well, in junior primary Tanner was often the first kid with the answer.  In between junior and senior primary the music leader came to me at the piano and said, "Your little Tanner is quite the math wiz and he just finished kindergarten, right?"  I told her actually he wouldn't be in kindergarten until this Fall which made her surprise greater.  I didn't mention his reading abilities...
 Vance is really becoming good at doing the Trio blocks by himself.  I didn't have to help him at all with this little set and I only have to help him a little with the bigger sets.  He can understand and follow the directions quite well.  I think his mind works a lot like his Dad's.

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