Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun in Washington

I took plenty of un-wedding related pictures too.  My parents stayed the night at a friend's in Burley after the reception in Almo, Idaho. We stayed in a hotel and went and visited the friend for a bit before heading to Washington.  I am posting this picture because they had a dog and Tanner got brave enough to pet it.  The other two loved the dog!
 We took our pool and let the boys swim in it while we were at my parents place.
 We also went to a park in Yakima.
 Porter and Tanner can't get enough of the tire swing.
 We also went to our favorite park in Kennewick.
 The boys had fun watching the fish and turtles in a pond that is located at the park in Kennewick.
 We stopped by to see if there were any llamas near our old place.  They actually had a ton even though you can't see them in this picture.
 And the boys made it to Emerald City at the park too.  :)

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