Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer is winding down

We got ourselves back into our routine around here more or less from our vacation.  Summer is winding down and so I am happy with keeping things low key.  School will start soon enough and that will bring with it, it's own changes.

Vance took it upon himself to build a lego mario this passed week.  Stephen and I were impressed with how well he did especially considering the lack of lego options he had to work with and that he didn't receive any help, guidance, or suggestions from either of us.  He did better than I probably could have anyway!
 Porter found some nail polish one more when he was up before everyone else.  It is in my room in the same spot that it has been for months.  He usually doesn't get into any of my stuff, apparently he got adventurous that morning.  It was kind of funny seeing it on his arm, hands, and head.  However, when I asked him to show me where else he had gotten it and he showed me on the quilt my mom made for us when we got married I was not amused.  I tried several different things and was unable to get it out.  Thankfully, it isn't a ton and the color kind of blends with the fabric, but I am still not happy.  Porter was not happy when I had to get it out of his hair and he promised me (without any prompting from me) that he'd stay out of my nail polish from now on.
 The boys still enjoy playing with the angry birds and piggies my mother-in-law made them, but Tanner probably gets them out the most.  He asked me to take a picture of him after he'd arranged them on the piano bench.  Porter jumped in the picture too.
School starts in two weeks.  Kind of crazy to think about!  We signed another contract where we live so assuming some unforeseen thing doesn't happen and we move before the contract is up this will be the longest place we have lived somewhere since we got married!

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