Monday, August 26, 2013


Vance is now in 2nd grade. He was really excited for school to start.  He knows several kids in his class already and says his teacher is really nice.  He was also excited that they won't have homework (aside from reading) this week.  He has quite an enthusiasm for school I never remember having.
Tanner is starting kindergarten this year.  Today I got to go with him and we learned a few things and got familiar with his class room and his teacher.  His teacher seems real nice and good with the students.  He will have his assessment tomorrow and school without Mom will start on Thursday.  He is excited to ride the bus and play on the playground.
 Here are my school kids.  Starting to feel a little old with two kids school age.
 Porter wanted his picture taken too.  He is so funny.  I have been trying to talk up preschool with Mom and so I think he is excited for it now.
 Later in the morning we saw a praying mantis in the driveway. Porter was completely fascinated with it.  Here he is waving at it and saying hello.  He was a little too excited about it though and scared it off.
 I was playing around on photoshop yesterday and added this quote to this picture.  I think I will do more.  It's fun and easy.
I guess I will report back next week if our children still want to continue going to school or not.  Haha.

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