Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas Uncle Glen!

My brother, Glen is on a mission for our church and so I thought I would take a picture of the boys with signs that say "Merry Christmas Uncle Glen".  I was not naive enough to believe that it would be an easy task, but I guess I like to give myself a challenge.  Let's just say that I sent Glen more than one picture so since I could not master getting a picture where you could read all three signs, see all three faces, and have those faces looking somewhat pleasant.  Here are some (not all, believe it or not) of my attempts.
 Vance is looking down.  Where's Tanner?  Porter looks super cute, but is covering his sign a little.
 Vance has part of his face covered.  Tanner looks like he's in pain.  Porter is waving to Glen.
 Vance still has his face partially covered.  Tanner looks half asleep.  Porter is waving and squishing his sign.
 Vance is smiling, but looks bored.  Tanner is wearing a plastered smile. Porter is looking down at his squished sign contemplating an early lunch...
I thought this one turned out the best.  Vance only has his chin covered and although Porter is squishing his sign a little I think you can tell what it is suppose to say.  Anyway, I sent Glen the first and last picture along with some other pictures that we've taken since he's been on his mission. 

P.S.  Anyone notice how Porter is the most willing to pose for a picture?

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Mabel said...

Very cute! Glen will love it even if they are not all looking at the camera.