Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vance's Fifth Birthday

It is Vance's fifth birthday!  He is growing up so quickly.  This year he has gotten to be tall and skinny.  All of his baby chub is gone and he is a boy.  Vance has been a big helper to me especially with being a big brother to Porter.  He is almost always willing to play with Porter and bring me things that I need to take care of him.  When I asked Vance who his best friend was the other day he told me that it is Tanner.  They are great friends, but still brothers and don't always getting along. :)  Vance continues to improve with his speech and we love to listen to all of the things he has to tell us.  He loves puzzles, maps, blocks, and things of that nature.  He has really enjoyed having preschool this fall and winter at home with me and Tanner.  We love having Vance as part of our family.

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Marci Roberts said...

I hope Vance has a happy birthday.