Saturday, December 18, 2010

Once there was a Snowman

Last week it felt like Spring was around the corner (I wasn't fooled).  Today, however we woke up to more snow.  Not as much as last time, but enough that the boys wanted to play in it. 
The last snow we had was very powdery and not good for snowman building.  This time it was nice and wet so Stephen was kind enough to go out and help the boys make a snowman.  In other words, Stephen made a snowman.

 Porter was having a good time watching through the window.  He had an even better time licking the window.  It must have tasted good because he kept doing it.  (I posted a video on facebook for some reason I have an easier time posted videos on facebook over blogger).

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Edmond said...

Glad the boys had fun in the snow. Do you wash your windows with something good?