Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vance's Birthday party and early Christmas

We celebrated Vance's birthday yesterday with my parents and sister even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow.  We also did a little opening of Christmas gifts as well. 
I made Vance a "boy castle cake".  This was my attempt. He seemed happy with it.
 Vance let us sing to him and he blew out his candles.  At which point Tanner started to cry because he wanted to blow out some candles as well so we lit a candle for him. 
 My parents gave Vance a globe and a little quilt with a map of the world.  He loves to look at maps and globes!
 Porter wanted in on the unwrapping fun too!
 Vance got these magnetic tangrams for Christmas from my parents. 
 Tanner got this Leapfrog Laptop.  He loves anything with letters!
 Porter got this super cute Jack-In-The-Box  (that was a monkey in a box).

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