Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Porter is 9 months old

Porter turned 9 months old on Saturday!  He is growing up so quickly.  All of a sudden I have an older baby who is into anything and everything.

This past month has been full of lots of things for Porter.  He got two new teeth, mastered crawling, learned to pull himself to standing, and he's started moving along furniture.  He LOVES to play with his older brothers.  He wants to be in on all of the action.  He also enjoys having us hold his hands and let him walk around.  I pulled out this little lion that was Tanner's yesterday so that he can start practicing on his own.  He wants to be like his older brothers.
He had a check up this morning.  He is doing well.  He weighs 27 pounds 13 oz. which is off the charts.  In fact the dr told us that Porter weighs more than any other nine month old he's ever seen.  He is 29 1/4 inches tall which puts him around the 86% for his height.  His head is 19 3/4 around which is also off the charts.  Chunky boy.  Vance and Tanner both thinned out by a year so we'll see if Porter does as well.  He is a lot of fun to have around.  He has lots of energy and loves to get into everything so I am constantly having to remind the other boys not to leave things out if they don't want Porter to get a hold of it.

I just can't believe how fast babies grow and change.


Marci Roberts said...

That is so funny that he is so big. Nyah just turned 2 and is only 25 pounds. I don't know how you carry him around.

Mabel said...

He is so adorable! I can't wait to see you guys!

Kimmy said...

Chubby babies are so cute! He has the cutest little smile that just makes me happy when I see it. Can't wait to squish him in person!

Holly said...

The doctor told me that Chloe is about 1-2 months behind developmentally so she and Porter are on the same level. Except he will tower over her. How did he get to be 9 months already?!?