Sunday, January 15, 2012

Exciting times...but not really

I spent two days this week going through the boy's bedrooms.  I have been feeling like our entire place has been over taken by toys.  I went through and got rid of lots of things in June before we moved, but it was time again.  I don't know how we collect toys so quickly, but we don't need them all especially when toys just get scattered and never played with.  Anyway, one day  I took a picture of Porter's closet because that was the main interest of the day.  I did sell a few toys to the Kids to Kids store near our house.  I got $10 from that.  Not a whole lot especially considering they took everything I brought in (5 different toys).  However, it was more than I would've gotten donating them somewhere.
 On Friday I took a picture of the boys hanging out on the couch.  Not too exciting either, but I love them.
 Porter is so cute when he plays.  I took a picture of him playing with some Cars Squinkies.  I don't even think those toys are supposed to be for kids under the age of 3, but he never tries to put them in his mouth and is really cute with them too.  In fact, I have gotten after Vance many times for having them in his mouth, but not Porter.  He is really into cars stuff still.  It's cute.  I should post a video of him doing his Lightening McQueen sound.  Instead of ka-chow it sounds like "cow" or "chow".
 We have afternoon church (again) so I took a picture of Stephen and Porter bumming around in their pjs this morning.  Moving so much we always end up with lame times for church over and over.

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