Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New TV and other photos of the day

Here are my photos of the day from the past week.
Tanner and his cute face.  Check out those eyelashes!

At school they have a prize drawing every Friday for the kids who didn't have discipline issues that week.  Vance's name was drawn on Friday and he picked this fun coloring page with markers.  It's now hanging in his room.
Porter enjoying the piano.
Porter enjoying some Sunday dessert.
We bought a new TV.  It feels really big compared to the old one and really thin too.  We are enjoying it.  I personally, am looking forward to watching Harry Potter on blu-ray sometime soon.
I know I take a lot of pictures of Porter.  I suppose it is because he is the one that changes the fastest.  He is also the one exploring and learning about things the most and it is sure fun to watch.  Today he grabbed my phone and lounged across the stairs while he tried to figure things out on it.

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