Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Porter is only a couple of months away from turning 2.  Oh my!  He is obsessed with electronics still.  This has been an obsession since he was a baby.  He loves phones, cameras, hand held gaming systems, our Wii, the dvd player.  If it is electronic, he likes it.  He loves watching his dad and brothers play games on the Wii and wishes he could join in the fun.  He also enjoys books, cars, trains, and pretty much any "boy" kind of toys.
Porter isn't much of a talker.  He is really good about answer yes and no questions with a "yeah." or "no." Those are the words he uses the most.  He will say other words, but not a ton and not often.  He does enjoy making some animal noises.  His favorite seems to be a "moo" for a cow, but he will do monkey, dog, cat, pig, and horse noises too.  Of course, this is all when he wants to, not when I try and get him to.  :)  This is my photo of the day and I thought I would share it along with a few things about my little man.

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