Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vance singing with Little Einsteins

I wanted to try out the video option on here since I could never figure it out with my old blog. Vance loves the Little Einsteins videos. We have all of the ones that are out so far. This is him singing with one of the songs. Unfortunately, I'm also singing and you can hear me over him since I am holding the camera so please try and ignore me and listen to Vance. He was doing more of the actions to the song before I started video taping as well. I don't know if he wasn't doing them all because I wasn't or for another reason, but at least I caught what I did.


Mabel said...

I love watching Vance when he is engrossed in a movie. He is just such a fun little boy.

Holly said...

I made Sean watch this video with me but he wasn't nearly as excited about it as I was. Vance is so cute singing along! I can't wait until Jillian can do stuff like that!