Saturday, March 15, 2008

We have a crawler!

Our crawler is not Tanner. It is Vance! This morning he decided that he could crawl around so he has been doing that. We are happy about that. When he hurt his other leg it took him a long time to decide he could crawl so this is good news. He even wanted to get out his table and chairs and he's back to his old habits of eating markers... Today we will be fine at least until we get to bed time. Last night he said the first three word sentence I've heard him say and he repeated over and over as he cried. It was, "I want Dad." Pretty sad, huh? For me anyway, because I got to be the lucky one to tell him that Dad wasn't home. He has forgotten that the first 21 months of his life he wouldn't let his Dad put him to bed, it had to be me. Even up until we move he I did it more often than not. Since we moved however it has been Stephen to put him down every night and apparently I was not a very good substitute. I don't think he would have been happy either way, but with his leg bugging him I think that amplified things. Oh well, we got through it. By the way, Tanner has been really good about all of this. I have been blessed with good far anyway....

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