Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vance's Room

Okay, I finally got Vance's curtains finished and up in his room so I thought I'd take some pictures of it. At first I thought I would just do his room in a Cars/Trucks theme in general, but the Pixar Cars had so many things available and Vance LOVES it so much that we went with that theme. We were working on making it as cool as possible so he would want to sleep there instead of in our room. Oh, Vance is on his bed in the first picture if you missed that. He does like his room. He points all around and says, "Cars."


Mabel said...

What a fun room!

Holly said...

Very cute! Sean and I watched Cars last weekend. Sean had never seen it. Now maybe when Vance tells us the names of his cars we'll know what he's talking about.