Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I suppose I could give this list at Thanksgiving time, however I think it is best to express gratitude when you are feeling it so here is a list of some things I'm grateful for. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. This is more for me than for the reader.

My Heavenly Father I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me abundantly throughout my life and helps me learn and grow.

Jesus Christ Where would I be without the Savior? He is the perfect example for us all. He died for me because he loves me that much, amazing to think about.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Everything that it entails. The list of things I'm grateful for that go along with being a member of the church is just too long to list so I'm lumping it together here (scriptures, prophets, repentance, temples...) I'm eternally grateful for being a member of the church, for the testimony I have and the love and peace it brings into my life on a daily basis.

Stephen He is my rock, my companion. He brings peace, love, humor, purpose into my life. I admire his many positive strengths, the way he doesn't get stressed out, his desire to do good, his love for his children, and much more. He is a perfect person for me.

Vance He was the first to give me the role as a mother, the first to help me begin to understand unconditional love. I'm grateful for his bust-a-gut laugh, the funny things he does as he learns and grow, the company he gives me, kisses and hugs he freely give, compassion when someone is hurt and many more wonderful qualities he possess.

Tanner He has always been so mild mannered, peaceful, and happy. He is so easy going. I love that he snuggles with me, that he smiles so easily, tolerates anything people do to him (especially his older brother). His huge, beautiful eyes that have always been wide open and alert.

My Parents They have raised me to be a good person through their examples and teachings. They have loved me and cared for me even when I was probably hard to love and care for. They've given me life, happiness, material needs and the list could continue.

My brothers and sisters We all get along so well with each other. I am so grateful that I can talk to any of them, that we can get together, laugh and have a good time. They are all individually amazing people who I love and respect. I'm so grateful we are close.

In-Laws I hear of lots of people who don't like their in-laws. I'm so grateful that I get along with my parents-in-laws and sisters-in-laws. It makes life so much easier. They are all so loving and caring people. It is easy to see why Stephen is that way, because his family is too.

A niece and a nephew I'm grateful that my children have such cute, fun cousins to play with.

Music I love good music. It helps me feel at peace or helps me feel strong, and it even helps me have a good time. I love to play the piano or just to listen or sing. Music is wonderful.

Nature I love beautiful flowers, waterfalls, mountains, green grass, and so on and so forth. How can someone see all these things and doubt there is a God?

Shelter, Clothes,Food A definite must...so grateful to have these things.

Be a Stay at Home Mom I love to stay home all day and spend time teaching, playing, and being with my children. I'm so grateful that I fulfill this role each day.

Stephen's steady job I'm grateful Stephen has a steady job so that I can stay home!

Internet, blogs, e-mail, phones, computers I love that I can communicate with my family even though they are far away through these things. YAY!

Extended Family Wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Young Children So eager to learn, to love, to grow, so honest. No wonder Jesus told us to be like little children.

Calling Of all the callings you can have in the church my ideal one is to be a primary teacher for one of the younger classes so I'm really grateful to be the Sunbeam teacher in our ward.

Car I'm grateful we have a car to get us places we need to go.

Portable DVD player I'm so grateful for the DVD player we can put in our car on long trips. It keeps Vance entertained and happy!
Cameras I love taking pictures of my boys, capturing them at an exact moment in time so I can always look back and remember how they once were.

Books I'm grateful for good books. I love to read and escape the real world, or learn about the real world.

Fenced Yards I'm grateful for a yard (although small) it is great to have a place where my boys can run around and play and be fenced in so I know they aren't running off.

Nap time I'm grateful for the days when Vance and Tanner nap at the same time so I can have a small break.

Motherhood I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother, to bear children and raise them.

Evenings with Stephen I'm grateful for evenings after the boys are asleep and Stephen isn't working late when Stephen and I can relax and enjoying each others company.

Spring I'm grateful for days when it is warm, but not hot and I can go outside and enjoy the weather.

Cricut Machines It just makes my hobbies that much more fun and interesting.

I will stop here although this isn't a full list of all the things I'm grateful for.

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Risskabob said...

Haha. The picture of you in the video game chair shows how we're still at least a little bit similar. :-D