Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vance feeds Tanner

At times Vance insists on feeding Tanner and if all three of us are in a good mood I'll let him. This is an idea of how things go:

Vance takes a long time getting settled in and Tanner lets him know that he is impatiently waiting.

Tanner opens his mouth as wide as he can because Vance's aim isn't always the best.

Vance literally stuffs Tanner's face with "Vance-size" bites and Tanner tries to make sure he gets it all in his mouth.

Vance thinks the mess on the floor and tray is "Gross."

Tanner about gets sick with the big spoonfuls of food.

Tanner then wants to feed himself.


Holly said...

So cute. Very nice that Vance is so helpful and that Tanner puts up with it!

Mabel said...

Those two are so cute together, good thing Tanner is so patient. He looks like a baby bird with his mouth open wide for Vance to feed him. Love the look on Vance's face in the "gross" picture. What a helper!

Anonymous said...

Tanner looks a lot happier when he is feeding hisself!

Good thing that you blogged this. It is these types of things that we think are so cute and then soon forget.


Kimmy said...

That's hilarious. Nice play-by-play. That makes my heart happy to see.