Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Holly!

Here is an, oh so lovely (ha) picture of Holly and I. Holly is my one and only OLDER sister and it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one-even if you are creeping up on 30...don't worry you've still got a couple more years. What can I say other than Holly is my older sister and I have always loved and looked up to her. I wanted to be just like her when I was growing up. She is a good example to follow for all of her younger siblings. She is a great and fun mother. She helped me decorate Tanner's birthday cake which I really appreciated. She is easy to carrying on a conversation with, perhaps because she likes to talk. :) Anyway, hope you have a great day Holly!

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Holly said...

Thanks! Funny that a bunch of people beat you at wishing me a Happy Birthday on facebook, eh? Two of them were off a day so don't feel bad:) We need someone to take a better picture of the two of Thanksgiving I guess!