Sunday, September 28, 2008

SOME Reasons why

I love Stephen.
1. He works hard at work and at school to support our family.

2. He is a fun dad. He makes faces and plays fun games with the boys. He doesn't even make me delete silly pictures of himself, instead he lets me post them on my blog for anyone to see.

3. The main reason I am loving him today is because he let me buy this beauty.

TA-DA!! Some people know her as the Yahama Clavinova CLP-220 I prefer to call her my new best friend. Isn't she beautiful?

You can e-mail- I may not respond. You can call-I may not answer. You can comment on my blog- I imagine I'll get around to seeing it sometime. I will be busy getting to know my new best friend so excuse me if I do not respond to you immediately. :)


Anonymous said...

Ok now that is the coolest thing I have heard today. Congratulations and I believe you do have a very good husband. Was there any particular reason for the new piano? It is beautiful. Can't wait to see it with you playing. Do you want me to send some more music your way?


Mabel said...

Good for you!! I'm looking forward to hearing you play it.

Holly said...


Kimmy said...

That's awesome! I always wanted to learn to play the piano and I love that you can. I'm so happy for you to have one that you can play anytime now!