Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Highlights from Vance's afternoon

Yesterday I posted a lot about Tanner so today I'll post about Vance. Here are some things he did yesterday.

Nap time on Mom and Dad's bed.

Having fun outside.

This is his getting ready to run stance. We count to three and then he takes off running.

Coloring as part of our FHE activity. See the concentration he exerts while he colors.

Getting comfy on Dad while he is trying to catch a snooze after work. (Notice the other little hand there too- they miss their dad when he is gone)


Mabel said...

he is so cute! In the second picture he looks like he is growing up too fast! Love the concentration he has when he is doing something. Looks like Stephen is going to have to learn to nap with nap buddies.

Kimmy said...

He's such a funny kid. I loved watching them on your anniversary. Vance is such a good kid, too, although he's too smart for his own good. Great pictures!