Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beds are so overrated

Being first time parents we made a lot of sleep mistakes with Vance. A couple of them still hunt us today, but we are working on it. Vance thinks he needs one of us in his room to fall asleep and the other problem is that he thinks he needs to come in our room at some point in the night. Last week we started making him go to sleep without one of us and made him go back to his room in the night when he came in. Well, we keep finding him lying on the floor in different places. At first i thought he was just trying to get as close to us as possible without being caught, but a few times we've seen him asleep on his bedroom floor. Tonight when we saw him doing this I suggested to Stephen that we just put his mattress on the floor and see if he'll stay on it. Surely, the floor can not be that comfortable. He fell asleep as you can see from the pictures. We'll see if it helps him stay off of the floor. Here's some pictures I took. Please ignore the clutter of his room. You have to love a camera that will let you take a decent picture in the dark... I know I do anyway. I'll have to keep you posted. The close up is just so you can see how cute he is asleep. He loves to sleep with his Mario now and as you can see he was doing some nighttime reading. :)


Anonymous said...

I say whatever works!


Kimmy said...

That's too funny. I remember as a kid loving to sleep on the floor. I had a friend that loved to sleep on the stairs. It would be nice to be able to fall asleep anywhere like that now.