Thursday, June 26, 2008


This afternoon Vance found some sheets in our upstairs closet that I had used to build a little fort with about 4-5 months ago. He insisted that we get them out and do it again. That kid has a good memory. He wanted everything set up just like we had done it before. He helped me remember what went where (because I sure didn't). Then once we had it all set up he had to go upstairs and bring down some stacking blocks that he had played with the first time we had the sheets up. He also insisted that we watch Ratatouille because we did last time. He then started talking about his dad because he remembered that Dad had come home during his lunch break and played with us under it. What a silly kid. Here is a picture of him playing away.


Mabel said...

Smart boy! He definitely does have a good memory and good observation skills. Good way to pass the afternoon, watching a movie in a tent. Such cute little boys!

Holly said...

When it comes to food and fun your Vance has a memory like an elephant (an elephant never forgets)!