Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who needs crawling?

Tanner has been cracking me up for about a month and it is more so as time goes on. He hates to be on his hands and knees. Whenever I put him in that position he will do one of three things: 1. flop immediately to his stomach 2. Stays in that position for a minute and then flops to his stomach or 3. Rock back and forth for a few seconds and then flop to his stomach. Needless to say he is not doing the traditional hands and knees crawling yet. It's been a few months now that he has rolled around and been about two since he realized that he could get places by rolling. He also in the past month though has started to pull himself around on his bum and also creep along the floor pulling himself on his stomach using his hands and knees as you can see in the video. So I guess he is in no rush to crawl since he can do all of these other things. Oh, and I do realize that the video is not the most attractive angle of my son. He went for something else.

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Kimmy said...

What cute, chubby legs! He seems to be doing pretty well at getting things, though.