Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's official...

...I'm an airhead. The past few years it has been easy for me to blame my blond moments on the fact that I was either pregnant or just had a baby. However, with Tanner being 9 months old, I really can't use that for an excuse this time. As much as I don't really want to admit it I've come to grips that I am an airhead. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, I shall tell you.
This morning Vance had a speech appointment so we headed outside to pile into the van. There was a squirrel in the tree by our front door so Vance wanted to watch it so I let him while I put Tanner in his car seat and started the car. I then put Vance in his car seat and shut his door. I walked around to the driver's side to get in and the door was locked. I instantly knew this was trouble. I checked all the doors and the trunk. All locked. The pit in my stomach would be the same feeling you get when you run your mother's new car into the back wall of the garage door taking it out (what, you don't know that feeling?) There was a sigh of relief when I remembered I had Stephen's keys in the ignition, but my keys were... dang, they were in the diaper bag which was in the car. Yes people, I'm telling you that I locked both sets of keys in my car with it running and my two boys strapped in their car seats. Well, what else do you do in that situation then pray? So I said a quick prayer and two thoughts came to mind. Thanks, Heavenly Father... Fortunately for me my house was not locked so I could get in and use the phone (my cell phone was locked in the car, naturally) I was grateful for that since I really didn't want to explain my stupidity to any neighbors (assuming any were home) by asking to use their phone. However, they could have looked out their front window and seen what was going on. Either no one did or I have some rude neighbors because no one came out to see if I needed help (it seemed obvious what was going on). Anyway, my thoughts...
1. I could go in find the phonebook (where it was), call a LockSmith, hope he wasn't too far away from us, and pay to get my door open.
2. I could call Sage Creek (Stephen's work). Of course, Stephen would be out of town when I do something this stupid! I knew the number, I knew that someone there could do it, I knew Sage Creek was within a ten minute drive, and I knew they wouldn't charge me to do it.
So I swallowed my pride and dialed the number.

Joey answers, "Sage Creek Repair. This is Joey."
Me- "Joey, this is Stephen's wife, Heather." (thankfully, I have met Joey a few times outside of work because he was friends with Stephen before working there)
Joey- "Heather, how is it going?"
Me- "I have a favor to ask." I breath in and plunge already realizing how humiliating this is going to be for the rest of my life... at least so long as Stephen works there. "I locked my keys in my car with it running and my boys are inside. I was wondering if someone could come unlock it for me."
Joey- (trying not to laugh) "Alright, let me talk to Dale and see what we can do."
Pause while he explains the situation to the entire shop.. well, whether he did it right then or not I don't know, but I'm sure within five minutes everyone knew.
Joey- "Heather, Dale will be down there in a few minutes to help you out."
Then I refresh his memory of how to get to our place.
You are probably wondering who Dale is. Dale is the owner of Sage Creek. He is a nice man in his early 70's. I knew it would be Dale who would come help me out when I called. He is the owner, but he does whatever misc. thing that they need done at work. I don't think helping one of his employees pathetic wives is on the list, but I'm grateful he did it anyway.
At first when I realized my dilemma the boys thought I was playing a game with them, peeking in the window and what not. Well, that ended and by the time Dale arrived Tanner was screaming and crying and Vance was mad at me and letting out his own angry screams and I was near tears. Dale was kind and very helpful. Tears sprung in my eyes as he pulled up and I told myself not to cry in front of my husband's boss. He unlocked my door without too much work and I literally could have kissed him, although I didn't think it was quite appropriate so the next thing I wanted was to hug him, but that didn't seem appropriate either so I just thanked him and thanked him until he left. I'm pretty sure he saw my tears. As soon as the door was unlocked I grabbed Tanner from his car seat and cuddled with him. Vance was fine once the door was open. By that point we had pretty much missed our appointment and reason for getting into the car in the first place. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you my favorite part of Dale coming to help me out (read into the sacrasm). He is in my ward. Yep, so not only do I get to be embarrassed anytime I go to Sage Creek I get to be embarrassed whenever I see him at church... maybe I should have just paid a Lock Smith to do it.
I remember my mom locking the keys in our car several times while I was growing up, but she never did it when her kids were inside! At least, not that I know of! Grrr... Well, there is my embarrassing story. I didn't post yesterday, but this should make up for it, right? By the way, the picture is of the boys in Vance's car seat before it was installed in the car. Well, until next time I embarrass myself and tell the whole world about it.... Oh, and one great thing... think about all the gas I wasted going no where! Sweet....


Mabel said...

I did the same thing when Erin and Mandy were little. Packed them, in coats & hats because it was winter, and all the laundry into the car, turned the motor on, the heat on high and got out to scrape windows. Erin locked the door and couldn't unlock it. I had to call Lawrence to come out to Bountiful from Salt Lake and unlock the car. They were crying and very hot with runny noses by the time he got there. We didn't make it to the laundromat that morning. And yes, I agree, it was embarrassing

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry Heather, but I laughed until tears were running down my face. I know that it isn't funny when it is happening but everyone was safe and you were still home so it wasn't terrible, just very inconvienent. And you will remember this long after everyone at Sage Creek has forgotten so don't be embarrassed for long.


Holly said...

Ah, Heather. I was crying too but unlike Mom it was not because I was laughing! How scary! I'm glad everyone is ok and it's only your pride that's been bruised a little. At least you had someone to help! I've never met anyone from Sean's work so I couldn't call them. In fact, I've never been to his work. Maybe he really doesn't have a job. He just goes and sits somewhere all day to get away. No, I guess not, he does bring home a paycheck every couple of weeks. Anyway, I'm glad you're all alright!!!

Kimmy said...

From one airhead to another, Heather, stories like that make life interesting and make for entertainment for others. I'm sorry that happened. I have locked myself out of the car when I was working at Artco in the middle of winter with the defrost on while I went to scrape my windows. I had to go back inside and call Stephen to borrow a car from someone to come rescue me. So embarassing. I didn't have kids in the car, but it was a lesson in humility nonetheless. Some of us blondes may be airheads, but we have more fun, as they say.

Erin said...

Don't worry Heather, like Mom said, she did it to Mandy and I when we were babies and while I think I vaguely remember it, we weren't scarred for life or anything.... well, at least not by that. I'm glad everyone is okay, and your mom is right, you will remember it far longer than anyone else... just a minor blip on the timeline.