Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My little boys have colds. They have been coughing and have yucky noses. No fun for anyone! Don't be fooled by Vance's innocent, pitiful look in his picture. Although he may be a little pitiful right now he is not innocent! If you think our day was just lounging around (like I wanted it to be) you are
wrong. That kid just doesn't stay in one spot for long. However, I put his new favorite movie, "Bolt" in and he sat and watched for a few minutes. He wouldn't take a nap today though. He couldn't breathe! Tanner on the other hand took a nice long nap, unfortunately he still needed more! By the time Dad got home they were both walking zombies. When they saw Dad snoozing on the floor they decided to join him. After Vance covered him with a blanket. Oh, I was tempted myself, but I decided one person should stay awake otherwise we might all be sleeping on the floor on night long! Tanner also had to get two immunization shots yesterday to top everything off. Poor, boy. Tomorrow is a new day. I am hoping they get a good nights rest and feel somewhat better tomorrow. At least I'm hoping Tanner will not be bothered by his shots by tomorrow. They look so sweet in this picture too. They are sweet, but don't be fooled! They are still my wild children.


Mabel said...

Poor little guys, and poor you! It's not fun being the mom when your kids are sick, especially when they are both sick at the same time. The pictures are cute, they look like perfect little angels. Dad looks like he is toast though.

Erin said...

Poor sad sick babies...that sucks for them and for you!