Monday, March 16, 2009


I know you are all anxious to know my vote from my poll. It is Roger and Anita. I pulled the three pictures up for Vance and I didn't even have to ask him which one was Mom and Dad he told me, "Mom and Dad with dogs. Fall in tub." (meaning the lake) I don't think Stephen was overly excited about Roger and his big nose. :)

When I started my blog I didn't realize that people gave them creative and/or fun titles so I've been thinking of changing mine. I have a lot of different ideas floating around my head. I could just use, "Three Men and a Little Lady" although someday we'll have another child and that will have to change. Or I also thought of doing a Snow White type of title like, "Fairest of them All" or "Snow White's Happily Ever After" something along those lines. Or I thought of quoting an apostle or prophet and using something like, "Come What may and Love it" or "Finding Joy in the Journey". What do you think? Or do you have a better suggestion for me?
The picture above of the boys was taken on Saturday at my old high school gym. We were there to wish Glen a happy birthday. He was there doing a geek-I mean Robot Competition. His team took 2nd overall so I guess if you are going to be geeky you should be the best geek possible. ;) Love you Glen. The boys had a blast running around the gym after the competition was over.

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Mabel said...

I like the second reference to Snow White or finding joy in the journey, they both sound like you.
I'm glad you are living close enough so you can go to your family's activities. Glad for you, but sad for us. Cute picture of the boys! Looking forward to seeing you guys!