Friday, March 6, 2009

For Fun...

This is just for some kicks and giggles. Vance has called several Disney couples Mom and Dad so I thought I would take them and let you vote on which one you think is the closest to the truth (yes, I realize we don't actually look like any of them.) Check out my right hand tool bar to vote. I will leave it open for a week so be sure to spread the word to make it a more interesting poll!
In case you have no idea what we look like...Now for your choices.

Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Philip.
101 Dalmation's Roger and Anita. (the human's not the dogs- just so we're clear)
And the first couple I heard Vance call "Mom and Dad"

Tarzan and Jane.
You can leave comments here telling me which you voted for and why, but you can remain anonymous if you would like. I will never know the difference and I won't be offended so have fun and pass the word along.
I'll close the poll next week and tell you which one I think we resemble the most.


Holly said...

Ha, those are pretty funny! I voted for Anita and Roger because she is small and petite, like you, and he is very tall, like Stephen.

Sheila C. said...

I vote for Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip because they are so pretty just like you!!!

Edmond said...

Ivoted for Anita and Roger. I think they are more like real people and I think of you as being real, not cartoon characters. Also I agree with Holly's assesment.

Mabel said...

I voted for Anita and Roger also, they just remind me more of you two than the others.