Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay, Not Okay...Take Two

This is a continuation of my "Okay, Not Okay" list to Vance.

Dear Vance,

It is now time to continue my list of things to help you improve upon, just in case we are unclear on the following:

1. Helping me make dinner- Okay
Dumping garlic powder all over the kitchen- Not Okay

2. Playing with your Lincoln Logs- Okay
Throw the Lincoln Log container at my head- Not Okay

3. Calling Sleeping Beauty Mom- Okay
Telling me I need to exercise- Not Okay

4. Teaching Tanner good habits like folding his arms to pray- Okay
Teaching Tanner bad habits like covering my mouth and saying, "Stop Mom" when I am
singing- Not Okay

5. Getting yourself dressed- Okay
Tugging on a shirt until you break the hanger- Not Okay

6. Playing with Tanner- Okay
Knocking Tanner to the ground- Not Okay

7. Sitting on the couch next to me- Okay
Reclining the sofa while I am sitting on it- Not Okay

8. Taking your daily vitamin-Okay
Dumping your vitamins in a bowl and shoving as many into your mouth before I stop can
stop you- Not Okay

9. Blowing your nose- Okay
Picking your nose- Not Okay

10.Helping me clean the tub- Okay
Crawling on my back and calling me a horse while I try to clean the tub- Not Okay

Please see that we are more clear on these items from here on out. I love you!



Erin said...

I love this feature, it makes me laugh. My favorites are 3, 7, 8 & 10. Thanks for the pick me up, I was feeling more than a little tired and stressed and that made me laugh.

Mandy said...

These are hilarious, Heather! Vance must really be talking up a storm now. I am busting up laughing at some of these. None got me quite as much as Mrs. Grogan from Pete's Dragon on the last version, perhaps because its so far from the truth. :) Ah, I sure miss the little guys.