Thursday, February 10, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 10

 There were two things that I worried about a lot when I was pregnant with Tanner that ended up not being issues at all.  The first was being afraid that I wouldn't love my second child as much as I loved my first.  I suppose until you have another child you don't realize that your love isn't shared or split in two.  Something I've heard before is that you don't have to share your pie because you get a whole new pie to enjoy.

The second thing I worried about was having another big baby.  Vance was a hard baby to deliver.  Tanner, however was 7 pounds 11 ounces and compared to Vance much easier to give birth too.  He is my little runt and I love him for it.  
 Tanner has always had big beautiful blue eyes and when he was a baby he always had them wide open.  I loved that so much!  Tanner also has some of the best facial expressions in the world.  He is always pulling faces that make me smile or even laugh.
 I love snuggling with Tanner.  He will hug and kiss me and snuggle with me pretty much whenever I want.  I love that!  Tanner is very articulate and has been for a long time.  He can express himself well.  He is also a real ham when he wants to be.  He can make people laugh.  He is a smart kid too.  He knows the letters in the alphabet and the sounds they make.  We enjoy reading books together.  I also love that he enjoys singing songs with me. 

Tanner is always really good when he has check ups.  Doctors and nurses have commented on how good he is on more than one occasion.  It makes for more pleasant experiences for everyone.  I love having Tanner in our family.  He is a delight.  He always tells me he loves and you know what, I love him!

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