Wednesday, February 9, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 9

 Vance is my firstborn child.  I became a mother when I gave birth to him.  10 before his due date, after 3 hours of pushing I had my 9 pound 4 ounce angel in my arms.  I couldn't believe how big he was.  I also couldn't believe how beautiful he was.  I felt so humbled to be Vance's mother and so blessed!
 Vance has taught me so much about being a mother and about myself.  I love him for that!  He helped me learn what it is like to love a child so unconditionally.  He has helped me learn to appreciate my own parents more and to gain a better understanding of what our Heavenly Father's love for us must be like.
 I love Vance for helping me see life through a child's eyes once again.  He was a curious 2 year old and he always kept me on my toes.  I love Vance for loving me even though I am not perfect and for forgiving me when I've made poor parenting decisions.  He is eager to love and quick to forgive. 
 Vance is full of energy and helps me have a good time and stop to enjoy little things like dancing to music or laughing out loud at something funny.  His laugh can always cheer me up.  I love his compassion.  I love that he will sit next to me and play with my hair.  I love the games he comes up with to play.  I love how helpful he is to me especially with Porter.  He is always willing to get me a diaper or do other little tasks around the house when I need an extra hand.  He is a great big brother.

Vance is my planner.  From wanting to know what we are having for dinner each day, to what we will be doing preschool about to when we are going to see the grandparents again.  He likes to plan.  I love the things he comes up with.

Yesterday Vance wanted to watch "A Bug's Life" and Tanner didn't.  Tanner thought that the bird in that movie was scary.  Vance came up with an idea and shared it with Tanner, "I have an idea Tanner!  How about when the bird part comes you hide."  Tanner didn't really care for that idea, but Vance always is coming up with ideas and plans.  It makes me smile to see his wheels turning. 

Bottom line is, Vance is a wonderful boy and I LOVE him with all of my heart!  I am so blessed to be his mother!

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