Sunday, February 6, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 6

I love our prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  When President Hinckley passed away I knew that Thomas S. Monson was our next prophet.  I had a testimony of that, but I didn't know if I would come to love him the way I loved President Hinckley, but I do.  I have been slowly reading his biography and I find as I do, my love for him grows.  He is a wonderful person and has led quite a remarkable life.  I am only to where he was a mission president in his biography when he was in his 30's.  WOW!  I love hearing him speak and I know that he is a true, living prophet as well as a wonderful, caring person!  I love him so much that I changed my blog name to fit a talk he gave in the October 2008 General Conference. 
"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family."

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Marci Roberts said...

I am also reading President Monson's biography and loving it. I am amazed at how he remembers personal details about people. It is pretty hard to get through a book though when a 2 year old comes and pulls it out of your hands every time you open it up.