Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 3

I have two sisters and two brothers and I LOVE all of them!  I get along with each of them really well.  They are each amazing and talented people and I look up to all of them in different ways. 
 Holly is my older sister.  We shared a room together most of our growing up years.  She is fun to be around.  She inspired me to do drama in high school.  If you want to know some kind of entertainment/celebrity  question ask Holly, she probably knows the answer. It's cool.  I have looked up to Holly my entire life.  She is an awesome person and I love her!
 Eric is  my brother, just younger than me.  We've had some good times doing drama together.  I even got to play the part of his daughter in one play.  I would say as far as personalities go mine is most similar to Eric's.  He is a very talented guy.  He plays the trombone, guitar, and the piano.  He is also an intelligent guy.  He is also witty and fun to be around.  I LOVE Eric! 
 Glen is my little brother (although he is the tallest in the family).  Glen has a fun sense of humor.  I remember thinking that he was the cutest baby ever to exist (until I had my own of course).  Glen is a hard worker.  He is currently serving a mission for our church and I know he is doing awesome as a District Leader there.  I love that he is setting a good example for my sons.  I miss and love my Glenny!

  Rosemary is my baby sister.  I admire her ability to make friends.  She is able to do that anywhere she goes.  My sons just adore her too!  Rose is a very talented girl from music to drama to academics- pretty much everything she sets her heart out to do.  She has a lot of energy and is a fun person to talk to.  When you are a quiet person, like me it's nice to have people like Rose who will do most of the talking.  I love Rose!
As you can see I have been blessed with awesome siblings too.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!


Holly said...

I love you too Heather! You are a good sister because you help us "loud" siblings keep the peace. You are also caring and creative. I have always valued your opinion on just about everything! And you know, that one time you made me cry during your monologue for "The Matchmatcher". Good times. Is that really the best picture you have of the two of us? Time to get a new picture! LOVE YOU!

Sheila C. said...

You are as amazing as all of your siblings!!