Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 14

Happy Valentine's Day!  It seemed appropriate to save Stephen for this day on my 14 Days of Love posts.
I've known Stephen for eight years.  We've been married for seven and a half of those years.  When we first met I was not searching for someone to marry.  I was pretty content with the way I thought my life was going.  However, very early on after meeting Stephen I knew I could fall in love and marry him. 

I imagine that if you are reading this that it is obvious already that I love my husband.  He is a great person.  He is not perfect, but I think he is a perfect match for me.

Stephen does a lot for me.  In fact, I don't remember the last time I filled the car up with gas because he always does it for me.  He also always takes out the trash and mows the lawn without complaining.  He is willing to help change diapers, do laundry, or whatever else I ask him to do.  (which includes lots of handing things to me that are out of my reach)
 Stephen is very talented in many things.  He is especially awesome at doing origami.  He is detail oriented and works hard.  He is great at math and is mechanically minded.  This comes in handy because I am not good at math and am not mechanically minded at all!  He is also able to fix things around the house. 
 Stephen is a wonderful father.  He didn't have any experience with young children before we had kids.  He plays with our boys and does a lot for them.  It is fun to see him take on this role.  Our boys just love their dad!
 I love Stephen's sense of humor.  He is so fun to be around.  We get a long so well and I love that.  We probably seem like a very boring couple to people, but that doesn't matter to us because we have a good time in each others company.

 Stephen has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He fulfills his callings.  I appreciate the example he is to me and to my children.  Stephen is AWESOME!  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

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