Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 Interesting Things About Me

Okay, Holly tagged me on this one. We'll see if I can do it. I may be using her answers to help me along...

1. My maiden name is Porter
2. I lived in Burley, Idaho until I was ten and then moved to Zillah, Washington
3. I was scared to move.
4. I'm glad I moved.
5. I got married August 16, 2003
6. I was 20 years old when I got married.
7. Stephen (my husband) is 14 inches taller than me.
8. I was the one who was more forward in our relationship in the beginning.
9. I wanted to know why Stephen came to visit me every single day if he just wanted to be my friend.
10. I was Stephen's first girlfriend.
11. I didn't know what I wanted to major in when I graduated from high school because I wanted to be a stay at home mom.
12. I got an associate's degree in preschool education.
13. I love doing preschool.
14 I love being a stay at home mom even more.
15. I am the mother of two boys, Vance and Tanner
16. I think I have the best husband and most adorable children in the world.
17. I hope everone thinks that about their spouse and children.
18. I had a steady boyfriend in high school.
19. I was engaged to him for about a month just before I turned 19.
20. I rarely tell people that, yet I just posted it on this blog.
21. I'm grateful for wonderful parents and a loving Heavenly Father who showed me that he wasn't the one for me.
22. Like my sister, I have been teased about two things my entire life (things I have no control over).
23. My height (5 foot 1 inch)
24. My pale skin
25. I am the shortest member of my family.
26. I don't mind being short.
27. My ears stick out.
28. A lot of friends in high school thought I looked like an elf because I was short and my ears stuck out and were kind of pointy.
29. I did drama all four years of high school.
30. I sang at Carnegie Hall with my high school choir when I was a junior.
31. I would never want to live in New York, but I think it is fun to visit.
32. I want to be rich enough someday to help people who are struggling financially or to do other generous things with my money.
33. I don't want my children to get everything they want if we are ever rich.
34. I have been pregnant or nursing a baby for over three years minus about 2-3 weeks in between when I stopped nursing Vance and before I was pregnant with Tanner.
35. I first started having back problems when I was 14.
36. My back problems hit again when I was 18.
37. Five days before I gave birth to Vance I threw out my back and couldn't walk.
38. I slept and basically lived in a recliner during those five days because I couldn't move.
39. Stephen had to help me walk to the bathroom and sit me on the toilet and then help me get off of it when I needed to use it.
40. I love and appreciate Stephen more each day because of things like that.
41. I never want to give birth to a baby that weighs over nine pounds again.
42. I realize this is somewhat out of my control, but I will do what I can to keep it in my control.
43. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my boys.
44. I wouldn't mind if I only have boys.
45. I wouldn't mind if the rest of my children are girls.
46. I like to sing and dance with my children.
47. I am left handed.
48. I use to have blonde hair, it has progessively gotten darker over the years.
49. I wish my hair was still blonde.
50. My fingernails are weak and break easily.
51. I like to play the piano, but I don't like having church callings that require me to play the piano.
52. I think children's smiles and laughs are the most precious thing in the world.
53. I love newborn babies because they are so fresh from heaven.
54. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen Stephen cry.
55. I can't count on one hand the number of times I cry in a month.
56. I get headaches when I have to be social.
57. On a whole I don't like people.
58. I'm very stubborn.
59. I don't care when it comes to lots of things, but if I have an opinion on something it is very firm.
60. I really don't think that my brother-in-law is gross even though I basically told that to Holly when she started dating him.
61. I love to have things in order and organized.
62. My house is generally never in order or organized.
63. I can't remember the last time I laid down at night and slept until it was time to get up in the morning.
64. It is akward to kiss my husband if we are both standing. I have to stretch my neck back and stand as tall as I can and Stephen has to bend way down.
65. I like having a tall husband.
66. Aside from the last season I've seen ever episode of the Glimore Girls.
67. We don't have any television stations so I never watch tv.
68. I wanted to be just like my older sister when I was growing up.
69. I am a terrible test-taker.
70. I scored the lowest on my ACTs in my family (Rose hasn't taken it yet, but we all know how book smart she is). :)
80. I am the only quiet girl in my family.
81. I hate driving
82. After being married nearly five years I just got an Idaho Driver's license with my married name on it a week ago.
83. When I was about three or so I remember my dad carrying me across the street to go trick-or-treating and I cried the entire way over and back.
84. I've hated Halloween ever since.
85. I am deathly afraid of snakes.
86. I love puppies.
87. I want to have a puppy someday, but Stephen does not.
88. I love going on walks.
89. I haven't seen a movie in the theater since I was pregnant with Vance.
90. It was the fourth Harry Potter movie.
91. If we didn't have to eat to stay alive I wouldn't eat.
92. I hate to cook.
93. Before I met my husband I never knew someone who didn't like fruit.
94. I recently let my husband buy a Wii. I don't know why.
95. I have two main celebrity crushes, Nick Lachey and Michael Vartan.
96. Sometimes I tell Stephen he looks like Michael Vartan.
97. We both know he doesn't.
98. I am very unatheletic.
99. Even though I love my children, they can drive me crazy.
100. I wonder if anyone actually read this and found any of it interesting.

TAG- Okay, well, I guess I'll tag some people that I haven't seen update their blogs in awhile. Dad, Erin, and Mandy. Good luck. You may need to do it in segments...


Holly said...

Sean will appreciate #60.

Holly said...

I didn't know you watched the Gilmore Girls. Melissa said that it went downhill at the end so apparently you didn't miss much. I'm at the part where Rory just went back to Yale and got a job at the newspaper after taking sometime off and having that huge fight with Loralai.

You forgot to mention that you got a 100% on the Iowa Basic. I guess you just couldn't live up to that standard you set for yourself so early on.

By the way, I found it interesting...

Eric said...

ok, so that was the funniest thing i've read in a long time. i seriously laughed out loud multiple times. i didn't realize you were such a comedian ;)

mommymelb said...

I read it, and I liked it! Thanks for sharing!

Mabel said...

Loved this. I think you should do it again with more information, I learned several bits about you that I didn't know. Thanks for sharing.