Friday, April 11, 2008

My Misters

Does anyone else remember the Mr. and Miss books? We had some growing up and Vance has some too. The Jeppson's got my boys t-shirts with the appropriate characters on them. I don't think you can read them so I'll tell you that Vance has a Mr. Mischief shirt and Tanner has a Mr. Happy shirt.


Holly said...

I was trying to explain to Sean who the Mr. Men and Little Miss people were and he had never heard of them. Shameful! Anyway, they have a cartoon that's on in the middle of the day that I catch sometimes. The shirts are perfect for the boys!!! Cute:)

Erin said...

That's awesome... every time I passed the "Mr. Happy" shirt I thought of Tanner. Turns out great minds think alike!

mommymelb said...

We love the Mr Men and little Miss books. We have tons that I've found over the years. I love that your kids have shirts. I must try to find some of these....What cuties!