Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sleeping on the floor

Stephen usually puts Vance down for his nap

when he is home on his lunch break. He called today however to let me know he'd have to take a late lunch. I tried and tried to get Vance to nap and he wouldn't. He finally fell asleep on the floor a few minutes before Stephen came home for lunch.


Kimberly said...

So, I always forget to check your blog everyday, but my mom tells me when you've posted something new. I have A LOT of extra time at this job right now, so I was just going through and reading them all. It's so fun! I love seeing all the pictures and videos. It's almost like being there and seeing how the boys are growing. It's also way more fun than a journal. Keep up the good work!

Sam said...

I so love sleeping babies (or toddlers)... this is maybe my favorite picture of him ever. So so cute.