Friday, April 25, 2008

Cars and Cribs

***If you scroll down some to the post titled "Talking" you can see a video I was trying to get posted the other day, but it wasn't working for me, but it is now so take a look.***
I put both boys in Cars clothing today so I wanted to show off how cute they look. Tanner's onesie is way too big I stuffed most of it in his pants so it wouldn't look as big as it does. Then Vance wanted to get in Tanner's crib. Nothing out of the ordinary, sometimes I let him and sometimes I don't. It is always short-lived though because he starts jumping in it or messing with things he isn't suppose to, but he must enjoy it while it lasts because he always wants to get back in it. I took the opportunity to take their picture while they were trapped in the crib. Vance is blocking his shirt in both pictures, but you get the idea. Tanner was actually tired and ready for a nap at this point. I'm not sure if he was really okay with sharing his crib by the second picture, but as we know, he tolerates a lot.

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Holly said...

How cute! I want two! Uh, hold that thought. I'm not ready for two yet. But your two are cute!