Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yep, it's my 25th birthday. I thought I'd share some pictures from past birthdays and let people enjoy the chubby times, the akward times, the too blonde of hair times...

My first birthday. If anyone has ever wonder ed how my boys ended up with chubby cheeks, wonder no probably didn't anyway, since I still have those cheeks.

My 3rd birthday. Hard to believe that Vance's next birthday he'll turn 3.

My 8th birthday. I had a party! Eric is the boy in front and Holly is in the back, for those who might care. I still keep in contact with three of those girls. :)

My 12th birthday. I had a sleep over. Proof that I had my ears pierced once upon a time.

My 14th birthday. I had to scan the entire scrapbook page of some of these pictures so that is why it looks funky.

Sweet 16. I liked to have pies a lot of times for my birthday instead of cake.

My 18th birthday. Not that you can see it, but I still wear the skirt I have on that I got for this birthday! My 21st birthday. I think this is the last time I've had my picture taken on my birthday.


Mabel said...

Happy Birthday Heather!! We are so glad you are in our family. How about posting a current picture of yourself?

Marci Roberts said...

Happy birthday, Heather!! I hope you had a good day.

Holly said...

That picture of you on your third birthday looks like Vance in the picture of him with the marker all over his face. It's the same smile!

Erin said...

(Not that you would ever but) you couldn't disown Tanner if you tried... that picture of you from your first birthday looks exactly like him!