Saturday, April 19, 2008


It felt like Spring today! We took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk and played at the Iona Park. We went down there so we could see Aunt Mandy at the library where she works (it is right next to the park) and to enjoy a less crowded park. We started off by taking a walk which put Tanner right to sleep since he was really tired and he slept the entire time while we walked around, let Vance play on the toys, and went to the library. Vance had a great time going down the slide. He cried when we made him leave. He gets around just fine on his own this year.

The second picture is one of the boys playing in their diapers before bed tonight. Stephen and I were discussing how Vance looks like a giant next to Tanner when they are both standing up. They both love to hang out in their diapers, but the only time I let them is right before they get ready for bed. Vance thinks Tanner is pretty funny without clothes on and Tanner always thinks that Vance is funny. Silly boys.

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