Monday, April 14, 2008


If you couldn't tell from previous posts I have been wanted to get good pictures of the boys to make 8x10s of and frame since the ones I have now are quite out of date. The other day I was outside and I decided to snap some shots of Vance. I was just messing around and what do you know I got this picture. I was happy. Yeah, a good picture of him that I can put in a frame.

Of course then I decided I needed a good one of Tanner. When you I actually try to do this however it never turns out as well. Go figure. This one is probably my favorite. So what is everyone's opinion? Is it cute enough or should I keep trying? I mean, I know he is a cute subject so don't get too distracted by that... I wish he were looking more towards the camera, but it is a cute smile.


Erin said...

Heather, those are AWESOME! I just love that one of Vance. I really like the one of Tanner too. The lighting on it is perfect. I know he isn't looking at the camera, but I like it. He has a really sweet endearing expression and I think it's super cute. Great job! (And uh... you know... if you wanted to send those images my way... I'd love to have a copy of them too ;) )

Holly said...